§ the same sun that rises over castles and welcomes the day...

spills over buildings, into the streets, where orphans play

friends only
Hey. I've decided to make this friends only so I can post more personal stuff here. If I know you, or you know me, please comment and I'll add you as a friend. You can still look at my user info for layout credits and who i am and stuff. so being a very private person this is probably a good idea.

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Its Erina from MMW.
: ) New account.
Add kayy?

Hi, I'm Grace from mmw. I wanted to see if you wanted to be friends on here

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Okay! Adding you too, sweetie! I miss you lots. Do you still have Tumblr? When you first made your new account (well, then) I didn't see the post you made about it and by the time I'd gotten to it your url had already changed so I couldn't find you haha!

(Deleted comment)
Yes. :( I hate that that happened. We shall have to catch up!
But that's okay hahah! It's fun changing urls (even though I'm too paranoid to do it). I followed ya. :3
UGH, did you know that Microsoft "retired" MSN and forced people to merge their accounts with Skype? That could be one of the reasons.
I do have Skype though! I am lauren.yayboo :)

(Deleted comment)
Same. I lost a lot of people. Many just stopped coming on MSN all together and it made me sad and lonely. But lol yes! Thank God. I'm glad I didn't procrastinate doing it which I've been known to do as well. I remember that with your original Tumblr - I was always getting confused, lmao. xD
Yeah. Same! I agree. :\ I can't stand that they did it.
That would have been awful. :( Thank god for LJ. Who knew this old thing could be so useful.
Okay! :) I will try getting on Skype more often, honey! I luckily have no life either, my memory is just awful hehe. xx

tumblr. That was New Year's Day. I love New Year's Eve!

Got it. You're hitRECord.

Nicole was born on July 22, Jessica Rowling was born on July 27

Were you born on September 9, 1994 or 1993? I'm Lara and Danielle Campbell on January 29 and 30, 1995, so I believe it's still summer of 1994! Jessica was raised by a single mom, so she is called Rowling. I mean like how Norah Jones doesn't want to be her Indian dad's last name. I'm theswordfaerie and Jessica Rowling, she was played by Abigail Breslin in Ender's Game, but Abigail's real brothers are both older than her! That's me and May 8, 1994! Because that was Anastasia too so middle girl between two boys is in! That's hot! Are we popular? You were born on canadiangirl04 Lorna's birthday. Libra/Scorpio. 22nd/23rd.

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